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CSB Criteria Action Steps
Have a local breastfeeding coalition Contact Brenda Bandy to schedule a “coalition start-up meeting” in your community. Meeting invitation and agenda provided by KBC. And it’s FREE!
Have a peer support group(s) such as La Leche League or similar mother-to-mother group Contact Brenda Bandy for ideas, including Facebook support groups models.
A least one community hospital designated as a High 5 for Mom & Baby hospital or Baby Friendly Hospital USA
  • Visit “Participating Hospitals” page of the High 5 for Mom & Baby website to see if your hospital is enrolled.
  • Contact Gwen Whittit, coordinator@high5kansas.org , Program Coordinator for High 5 for Mom & Baby, to find out how to get your hospital moving towards designation.
1 business for every 1000 community citizens* or 25 (whichever is lesser) participate in the “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” program


  • Have your next breastfeeding coalition meeting downtown! Divide into pairs and divide up the surrounding area. Pairs walk to area businesses with the NEW BWH Tool Kit with enrollment forms ready to be signed. Reconvene after 45 minutes. The pair with the most enrolled businesses wins a prize!
  • Talk with an instructor at the nursing school or community college in your area to see if they would make this a class project. Give them the BWH tool kit and offer to talk with their class about the program before the students go out to sign up businesses.
1 business for every 5000 community citizens or 10 (whichever is lesser) receive a “Breastfeeding Employee Support Award
  • Email (using this letter as a template) employers you have heard are supportive of their breastfeeding employees, asking them to apply for the award
  • Invite HR directors from your largest employers to a meeting with you and Brenda Bandy. Brenda will come to your community for FREE to meet with HR directors in your community, all in one day (or ½ day).  Contact Brenda Bandy to schedule your day of fun! 
A minimum of 20 child care providers in the community completing the KBC’s How to Support the Breastfeeding Mother and Family course as provided by Kansas Child Care Training Opportunities
  • Contact Brenda Bandy for a promotional flyer to give to your county child care licensing surveyor.   Ask them to forward it to child care providers and encourage them to register for the FREE online course through KCCTO.
  • Host an in-person 2-hour training for child care providers. Contact Brenda Bandy.