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Dear Breastfeeding Supporters,

The murder of George Floyd is yet another event that highlights the systemic racism that is prevalent in our country. Racism is a grave public health concern, and the disparities we observe in things like COVID-19 deaths and breastfeeding outcomes provide evidence of this. The KBC condemns the violence perpetrated against Black people now and throughout history. We stand with those who are peacefully protesting in our communities and join them in demanding an end to systemic racism.   

There is no room for white supremacy in our work to build a culture of breastfeeding support in Kansas. We realize that silence is complicity, and we must confront and address racism everywhere we find it – in ourselves and in our systems. As we have been working to better understand the impact of racism on breastfeeding at all levels – systemic, institutional, and individual – we have found the following resources helpful: https://ksbreastfeeding.org/our-work/racial-equity/

We are also listening to deepen our collective understanding of the impact of racism on breastfeeding. Please share your stories, experiences, thoughts, and insights about breastfeeding in Kansas here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ThoughtsBreastfeeding.   

If you would like to discuss what you are learning (or unlearning) and feeling at this moment, please reach out to the KBC at info@ksbreastfeeding.org. If there is interest, the KBC will support virtual “Identity Discussion Groups” to create space for individuals of the same identity to be in community with one another.  

We affirm that Black Lives Matter. 

In solidarity, Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition
KBC Board and Staff