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Jennie Toland, BSN, RN is the current Executive Director of the Ford County Breastfeeding Coalition. Three years of working with breastfeeding families at the local birth center as a nurse in OB and NICU fueled her to become an active breastfeeding advocate in her community.  Her personal experiences breastfeeding her children for various durations using multiple modalities made it clear to her how support and education are critical in achieving fulfilling breastfeeding journeys. She believes that working in her geographical area provides a unique experience with barriers to breastfeeding and diverse populations such as Hispanic, low income, and migrant families. She hopes to gain knowledge at a higher systemic level to bring back to her local community while bringing a fresh and unique perspective to the broader platform of the KBC. She is interested in finding creative ways to connect communities and families across the state in the pursuit of breastfeeding promotion and support.