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It is my honor and a pleasure to announce the outcome of our extensive search for Co-Executive Director: Treva Smith has accepted the position of Co-Executive Director and will be joining the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition staff on November 1. Please join us in welcoming her warmly! Treva brings passion, experience, and skills that will continue to guide the KBC into our exciting future! Treva will work alongside Brenda Bandy, the KBC’s other Co-Executive Director in a shared leadership model that will leverage their complementary skills and experiences. As she transitions to her new role, Treva will step down from the KBC Board of Directors effective Nov. 1st after more than three years of service as a member at large.  

Treva Smith (pictured) is the prenatal care coordinator at KC Care clinic in Kansas City. She received her B.S. degree from Northwest Missouri State University. Treva has dedicated nearly 20 years to studying, educating and advocating of breastfeeding. Treva was recognized by the US Breastfeeding Committee as an Emerging Leader in 2016. She has worked with several public health programs, including WIC. In addition to her work in the breastfeeding field, she is actively involved with the Community Health Worker field in Kansas and nationally. She resides in Kansas City with her husband and four of their five children. Treva is also the proud grandmother of 3 beautiful breastfed babies. It is all of these experiences and expertise that makes Treva the best choice for the KBC’s new Co-Executive Director position.  The Board of Directors, Brenda Bandy and the rest of the KBC staff look forward to working together to support a successful expansion of our Executive Director role to a shared leadership model. Both Treva and Brenda bring expertise, knowledge, and commitment to the vision of the KBC’s future. Treva and Brenda, as Co-Executive Directors, who sustain and expand the KBC’s critical work to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding.  The future of the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition has never been more bright, promising, and secure! I have faith that the KBC, under Treva and Brenda’s stewardship, is ready and well positioned to continue forward with its mission work collaboratively to create a landscape of breastfeeding support across Kansas.  

Sarah Jolley
Chair, Board of Directors
Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition

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