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Child Care

  • Panel presentation on all things breastfeeding in early childhood on the All in for Kansas Kids bi-weekly webinar (can’t remember the month)
  • Met with representatives from Florida to provide information about the toolkit.
  • The Section discussed the content of the presentation to the Early Childhood Recommendations Panel.
  • Brenda presented to the EC Recommendations Panel
  • Brenda & Kris met with a representative from the Department of Children’s & Families to discuss how breastfeeding could be included in the L2Q work.
  • Community colleges are continuing to discuss what course to include breastfeeding. Fits in both the infant & toddler development courses or the nutrition course. 


Discussion Topics:

  • Parent education about formula preparation in the hospital setting, role of KBC, and final document available here.
  • Need for a clinical lactation training program for clinical hours needed to sit for IBCLC exam

Career pathways for IBCLCs, especially non-RN IBCLCs, in the hospital setting

Local Breastfeeding Coalitions

At our meeting on March 11th, we discussed two items:

1. the KBC 2021 Mini-Grant RFP; and

2. the draft of the Community Supporting Breastfeeding Plus criteria

Section members were excited about the RFP and had insightful questions about the CSB Plus criteria.

Our next Local Coalitions Section meeting is Thursday May 13th from 12-1pm

Public Health

The Public Health Section identified and has been working on a new project! Using the Breastfeeding Support by Kansas County spreadsheet the section decided to create a “mini-report”. After considering several excellent topics, the group decided on an  “Employer Mini-Report” designed to reach policy and decision-makers within organizations. We will approve the final draft at our June meeting so the report can be launched in August with the annual “State of Breastfeeding in Kansas” report.  Learning Moments have continued in the first quarter of 2021 with a presentation by Lisette Jacobson on eMOMs. The Public Health Section meets the 2nd Tuesday of odd months from 11 AM-Noon normally, however, in June we will be meeting on June 3rd to avoid conflicting with the USBC Conference. Please reach out to Danielle.Ast@wichita.edu if you have any questions.