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The 2018 Kansas mPINC report is out!  There is reason to celebrate in Kansas! 

  • Kansas moved up to 22nd in the national ranking from 36th in 2015 
  • Kansas is now even with the national score (79/100) in 2018 while 3 points lower in 2015 (KS 76/100 v. US 79/100)
  •  Kansas scored higher than 3 out of 4 neighboring states – NE 71%, OK & MO 75%, CO 85%

The report highlights the need for Kansas hospitals to improve “institutional management” (61/100), namely having a written policy, paying for formula and staff skills & assessment. The scoring algorithm provides useful, concrete action that hospitals can take to address these and other areas.

The CDC’s national mPINC survey monitors infant feeding care practices and policies among all hospitals providing maternity care in the United States and territories. All hospitals with maternity services are invited to participate in CDC’s mPINC survey. In 2018, 70% of all facilities chose to participate. State reports summarize the strength of breastfeeding support in hospitals in each state and territory, as well as the areas that could be improved. These reports identify opportunities for states to better protect, promote, and support breastfeeding mothers and infants. The mPINC survey was redesigned in 2018. Results from the 2018 mPINC survey cannot be compared with results from previous mPINC surveys. 

The mPINC 2018 Hospital Reports were sent electronically to all participating hospitals in June. If a hospital is unable to locate their electronic 2018 mPINC Hospital Report, please email a request to mpinc@cdc.gov and include the hospital name and complete address. To protect the confidentiality of hospital scores, hospital reports are only sent to official hospital email addresses.