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A Collective Voice

For Breastfeeding Support, Promotion, and Protection

Making Breastfeeding More Accessible

One of the most effective ways to increase a community’s health is through breastfeeding. Despite this, breastfeeding is often not an option for too many families.

Parents often lack the support they need from healthcare, workplaces, and the community in general. The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition promotes breastfeeding support in Kansas through advocacy and education across the state.




Our Mission

To improve the health and well-being of Kansans by working collaboratively to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding and human milk feeding.

Our Vision

Breastfeeding and human milk feeding is normal and supported throughout Kansas.

All the work we do at the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition is to support these two statements. Through advocacy, education, and community-building, we are cultivating a state where breastfeeding support is normalized and celebrated.

Our Why

The KBC envisions a time to come in which breastfeeding is normal and supported throughout Kansas at all levels of society. Explore our initiatives:

Why Breastfeeding Support?

Despite proven health benefits, barriers to breastfeeding/human milk feeding remain pervasive in the United States. A majority of breastfeeding parents stop breastfeeding their children earlier than they intend because of policy, system, and environmental barriers. All of these factors impact historically marginalized families at a greater rate.

Our Values



We seek to stand as an expert voice and clearinghouse for information about breastfeeding support in Kansas.


Practices with designation help create policy and environmental changes that will We advocate for evidence-based healthcare practices and policies, including the world Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing for breast-milk substitutes.


We want to eliminate disparities in breastfeeding/human milk feeding with regard to race, class, and LGBTQIA+ inclusion.


We engage with our partners and members in a collective impact model to guide our strategies.

The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition Team

Our team is a collection of individuals with diverse talents and backgrounds. Each staff member brings their unique talents, insights, and commitment to the mission.

Our Team

Our Board Members


Chair | Susan Lukwago

Chair Elect| Stephanne Rupnicki

Past Chair | Diana Lady

Treasurer | Sarah Jolley

Secretary | Mandy Chapin

Member at Large | Kristen Alhareedi

Member at Large | Sharla Smith

Member at Large | Logan Stenseng

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