Breastfeeding In the Workplace in Kansas

Breastfeeding In The Workplace

In Kansas, Breastfeeding Workers Are Protected By the Law

Whether you are an employee or worker, the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition is here to support accessible breastfeeding in the workplace in Kansas.



Federal law requires employers to provide break time and a private, sanitary space for breastfeeding employees to express breast milk at work. The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition is here to educate and assist employers to meet their responsibilities to their breastfeeding workers. We are also here to help breastfeeding parents advocate for their rights in the workplace and/or school.

Need Support With Breastfeeding in the Workplace?

You can reach out to the KBC for help with solutions for accommodations in the workplace. You can also contact A Better Balance at (833) 633-3222 or the Center for Worklife Law at (415) 703-8276 or


The following federal laws are the latest to protect breastfeeding workers and students:

NEW Title IX regulations for students & employees at K-12 schools, colleges and universities: Toolkit (The Pregnant Scholar)

PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act– Expands the legal right to receive pumping breaks and private space to nearly 9 million more workers, including teachers, registered nurses, farmworkers, and many others. Details (U.S. DOL Wage & Hour Division Resources)

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act– Gives pregnant and postpartum workers, including breastfeeding employees, a national right to reasonable workplace accommodations, including lactation accommodations.

For Employers – NEW Family Forward Workplace Guide

Resources for Breastfeeding in the Workplace in Kansas

General Resources

Guide for Nursing Employees

5 Step List For Returning to Work

Breastfeeding and Returning to Work (CDC)

Referral Form Employee Assistance

Pump Bag Tag

Door Hanger

Workplace Protections for Breastfeeding

Guide to Workplace Law

Department of Labor Fact Sheet

Rights of Breastfeeding Workers in the Context of COVID-19

Let’s Give Her a Break

PUMP Act Explainer

Breastfeeding Rights Flyer

Returning to Work Checklist

COVID-19 Workplace Guidance

COVID Pregnant Worker Guide

Know Your Rights: Nursing Workers & FMLA

Know Your Workplace Lactation Rights

Nursing Mothers Workplace Protections

Multilingual Resources (Espanol, Somali)

Receso par Madres que Amamantan

Vamos a darle una pausa (Espanol)

Como Hablar con tu Jefe Acerca tu Extractor de Leche Materna

Embarazo: Tiene derecho a ser tratado con igualdad

Madres Que Están Lactancia Maternal Protecciones Laborales

Let’s Give Her a Break (Espanol)

Let’s Giver Her a Break (Somali)

Breastfeeding Rights Flyer (Espanol)

Returning to Work Checklist (Espanol)

Resources for Employers

Providing Lactation Upgrades and Support (Video)

Sample Workplace Policy For Handbook

Communication Flow Chart

Employer Communication Plan

Employer Mini Report

Referral Form Employee Assistance

Supporting Breastfeeding Employees Policy (template)

CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard Manual

Resources for School Districts, Colleges, & Universities

“Grab & Go” Support for Breastfeeding Faculty & Staff (summary document)

Supporting Breastfeeding Faculty & Staff (slides)

“Let’s Give Her a Break” for schools (poster)

Toolkit for Establishing Lactation Support on University and College Campuses

Lactation 101: Lactation Accommodations in Los Angeles County Higher Education

Posters – directed to students with messages to continue breastfeeding while studying.

Lactation Support on University Campuses

Title IX Handout: The Pregnant Scholar

School Employee Poster

KBC School District Baseline Assessment Report

KBC Fort Scott Success Story

KBC Lawrence Success Story

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The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition regularly advocates for necessary support surrounding breastfeeding in the workplace in Kansas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is breastfeeding protected by law in the workplace?

Yes! There are several federal laws that protect breastfeeding in the workplace including the PUMP Act and Pregnant Workers. Fairness Act. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for nursing parents at work. Employers are required to allow those workers to take breaks to express milk as needed until their child is 1 year old. up

Who is covered by the law?

The Break Time for Nursing Mothers Law applies to nonexempt employees covered by the FLSA.  For help determining whether you are covered, you can call the Wage and Hour Division at 1-866-487-9243 or try the Fair Labor Standards Act Advisor. We can also help with this at the KBC.


Who is in charge of enforcing the law?

The Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division is in charge of enforcing the Break Time for Nursing Mothers law.