Breastfeeding Designations in Kansas

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It takes a village, after all.

The biggest barrier to breastfeeding is the absence of a warm chain of support for breastfeeding families. Families are left on their own to find breastfeeding help, breastfeeding-friendly hospitals, child care and workplaces, and welcoming spaces for public breastfeeding. Imagine a community where breastfeeding-friendly was the norm!

Organizations that obtain breastfeeding designations in Kansas demonstrate a commitment to fostering a supportive environment through policy and practice.

Scroll down to see the many designations we award, how to apply for each, and lists of awardees.

Who can receive breastfeeding designations?


Breastfeeding Employee Support Award

Employers are evaluated based on criteria for three levels of support services: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Employers meeting the requirements of one of the three criteria levels will be recognized with an award, recognition on, and in a press release to local media.

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Breastfeeding Welcome Here

Businesses awarded this designation agree to provide a welcoming environment where breastfeeding mothers are able to sit anywhere and enjoy a welcoming attitude from staff, management, and other patrons while breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Provider

Child care programs that complete this designation will:

  • Receive a Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Provider and We Care for Breastfed Babies window decal. These decals let parents know that programs support breastfeeding.
  • Be listed on the Child Care Aware ® of Kansas website as a Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Designation Recipient. Being a designated program is also indicated in your program profile for those parents who are searching for a breastfeeding-supportive program.

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Breastfeeding Friendly Local Health Department

The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition and Wichita State University’s Community Engagement Institute, in partnership with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, recognize and celebrate local health departments that are leading the way in this work through the Breastfeeding Friendly Local Health Department designation.

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Community Supporting Breastfeeding

This designation recognizes communities that support breastfeeding through:

  • local coalitions
  • peer support groups
  • hospitals
  • public spaces
  • workplaces
  • childcare providers

Community Supporting Breastfeeding Plus

This designation expands upon this foundation to include addressing diversity and new systems of support. These include:

  • breastfeeding friendly local health department
  • breastfeeding employee support award
  • breastfeeding friendly child care provider
  • breastfeeding friendly physician practice
  • “High 5 for Mom & Baby” hospital designation
  • city and/or county governments
  • faith-based organizations
  • schools, colleges, and universities
  • correctional facilities
  • food pantries
  • doulas

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organizations can get breastfeeding designations?

Any organization can pursue breastfeeding designation, provided they meet the necessary criteria. If you don’t see your community group or organization listed, reach out to the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition to be considered. Criteria for your requested sector or system can be co-created with our KBC team!

How does having a breastfeeding designation help families?

Everyone has a role to play in making breastfeeding more accessible. The CSB celebrates and acknowledges the multifaceted, diverse nature of community support required to create a world where breastfeeding is supported. Organizations can proudly display their designations to let families know breastfeeding is welcomed in their space and protected by their policies.

How can my community get designated?

Your organization can reach out to the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition to apply for the designation. We will ensure that your community meets the proper criteria, or provide support in meeting those criteria, to help you apply for and receive your designation.