Breastfeeding Resources

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International Breastfeeding Symbol

Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative

Ban the Bags

The First 1,000 Days: Nourishing America’s Future

Food Pantries – Guidelines for Breastfeeding Friendly Food Pantries

Joint Commission Resources – Speak Up (brochures & posters)

Kansas Breastfeeding Initiative Executive Summary Report (2015-2018)


National Partnership for Women & Families

Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding

UNICEF – Breastfeeding: A smart investment

USBC – Breastfeeding Advocacy HQ

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General Resources For Parents

Handouts on Breastfeeding Basics and Common Topics (Arabic, Chinese, English, Polish, Spanish, and Vietnamese, from Lactation Education Resources)

Breastfeeding and Healthy Teeth

Know Your Rights” poster – outlining breastfeeding rights in Kansas


Myths v. Facts: Breastfeeding & Safe Sleep for Infants (NICHQ)

American Academy of Pediatrics

Ask Dr. Sears

Baby Led Weaning

Baby Gooroo

Biological Nurturing

Breast Milk Counts

Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding Basics (Canada)

Breastfeeding Fact Sheet (OWH)

Breastfeeding Made Simple

Breastfeeding Survival Guide for the First Two Weeks (LER)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC – What to Expect While Breastfeeding


Infant and Toddler Feeding Video Series, from 1,000 Days

The Institute for the Advancement of Breastfeeding and Lactation Education 

Kangaroo Care

Kansas WIC


La Leche League of Kansas

Office on Women’s Health (OWH) – Helpline, Breastfeeding information, Your Guide to Breastfeeding

Online Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Resources

Poster – “Breastfeed”

Stanford Medicine Newborn Nursery Breastfeeding Resources

Swimming and Breastfeeding (English and Spanish version)

Thinking About Breastfeeding? Good for You and Your Baby! (K-State Extension)

Travel Recommendations for Nursing Families (CDC)

Traveling With Your Baby (WIC)

TSA Traveling with Breastmilk

Supporting Breast/Chestfeeding While Traveling

Your Guide to Breastfeeding (booklet from OWH)

CDC Guide to Strategies to Support Breastfeeding Mothers & Babies

For African American Families

Culturally Affirming Resources:

  • #LatchedLegacy – video affirming Black families DO breastfeed, from the Wichita Black Breastfeeding Coalition
  • “Irth” app (“Birth”, but they dropped the “B” for Bias) – “Yelp-like” platform for the pregnancy and new motherhood journey, made by and for people of color. Search doctor and hospital reviews from your community! Leave a review today to help inform and protect others!
  • Maternal Warning Signs  – 1 min. video for father and family members to recognize the signs of postpartum complications (Reaching Our Brothers Everywhere)
  • Sister-to-Sister: Let’s Talk (Black Mothers Breastfeeding Alliance)
  • It’s Only Natural (Office on Women’s Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
  • Health in Her Hue – app to connect Black women to culturally competent healthcare providers, services, and health content

Black Mama’s Matter Alliance

Black Moms Breastfeeding Support Group

Black Moms Connect

Breastfeeding Mafia (Oakland, CA)

Breastfeeding Sisters That Are Receiving Support (BSTARS) (TN)

CinnaMoms (Los Angeles, CA)

District of Columbia Breastfeeding Coalition (Washington, DC)

National Database of Lactation Support Groups for Families of Color ~ Curated by Nekisha Killings, IBCLC, RLC

Sister-to-Sister, Let’s Talk Breastfeeding (African American handout resource)

Mocha Moms, Inc.

Office on Women’s Health It’s Only Natural Campaign

ROSE Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere

“SPEAK UP for Black Women”, Debra Bingham, DrPH, RN, FAAN

Stork and Cradle (New York City, NY)

The B.L.A.C.K. Course –  full scope lactation and breastfeeding education course made by and for Black People and folks supporting black breastfeeding.

Uzazi Village – serves the KC metro area

WIC peer counselor video:  Teach Me How to Breastfeed

For Dads:

Brothers United – Breastfeeding

WIC Fathers Supporting Breastfeeding

Apps For Health Care Providers

Breastfeeding Guide for Health Providers – common problems, links to other resources

Infant Risk Center (fee) – information about prescription and non-prescription medications and their safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pedi Quick Calc: (fee) – weight conversions and weight loss calculator. Also calculate bilirubin levels and risk

Breastfeeding Data

Implementing The Joint Commission Perinatal Care Core Measure on Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding

Breastfeeding Support by Kansas County – detailed database of information regarding breastfeeding support and breastfeeding rates by county

State of Breastfeeding in Kansas (2023)

Breastfeeding in Kansas (2022 Kansas PRAMS)

Breastfeeding Initiation Rates and Maps by County (CDC)

CDC Breastfeeding Report Card (2022)

CDC Data Trends & Maps (search by Breastfeeding)

CDC Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC) Survey, State Reports (CDC)

National Immunization Survey Breastfeeding Data

Breastfeeding Special Concerns

Milk While Mourning (Spanish) – information about breast milk production after the loss of an infant

Environmental & Chemical Exposures & Breastfeeding (CDC)

Breastfeeding with a Disability

Opiate Exposed Neonate & Breastfeeding Promotion & Support (Betty Thomas) – 2020 KBC Conference Recorded Session

Breastfeeding and Diabetes (American Diabetes Association)

Breastfeeding After Reduction

Breastfeeding in the Military

Maternal/Perinatal Mental Health slides from Kansas Connecting Communities presentation Feb. 12, 2021, recording HERE

Breastfeeding in Emergencies and Disasters

Infographic Card to Support Families During Emergencies – If You Are Chest/Breastfeeding Cards – EnglishSpanish

Training (online) – Infant Ready Emergency Feeding Program 1.5 hrs., CNEs & CERPS, $25

New Orleans Breastfeeding Center:

  • Educational materials – low-literacy, visually diverse tools that contain essential teaching on safe infant feeding. They are useful for caregivers, emergency responders, and health professionals
  • Parent tip sheet

Be Prepared: Emergency Preparation Checklist for Families with Infants and Young Children

Relactation Tips

Fact Sheet on Feeding Babies in Emergencies

Operational Guidance on Infant Feeding in Emergencies (v3.0) – 12 languages

AAP – Infant Feeding in Disasters and Emergencies (Spanish)

CDC Food Safety for Infants After a Disaster

CDC Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (IYCF-E) Toolkit (2022)

CDC How to Feed Your Breastfed Baby in a Radiation Emergency (2023)

DHHS Administration for Children & Families – Infant Feeding During Disasters

IBFAN – Infant Feeding in Emergencies

Kelly Mom – Infant Feeding in Emergencies

Lactation and Infant Feeding in Emergencies (L.I.F.E) Support Basic Kit

UNICEF: Re-Lactation Guidance

USBC – Breastfeeding and Emergencies

Wellstart International – Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergency Situations

Kansas WIC Breastfeeding Cards
If You Are Chest/Breastfeeding Cards
If You Are Chest/Breastfeeding Cards (Spanish)

Continuity of Care Tools

Community Dashboard – organizer for programs, resources and touchpoints in community by type of care & when services are provided

Prenatal Education – hospital and community partners evaluation check list

Post-Discharge Care – hospital and community partners evaluation check list

Breastfeeding Your Baby – double-sided rack card to help parents prepare for hospital experience

Breastfeeding Resource Card – list of credible websites, rack card format

Breastfeeding Help Flyer – connects families and providers with local breastfeeding support through a database of resources searchable by zip code

Resources For Health Care Providers

ABCs for Professionals – a series of 3 free videos provides information for lactation professionals, doctors, nurses, midwives, and doulas on current science and strategies to help new mothers from Dr. Jane Morton’s First Droplets.

Breastfeeding 101 & 201 online courses, developed by the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition

Clinical Lactation Training Program – to earn clinical lactation hours required to become an IBCLC

List of Certificate courses to become a Breastfeeding or Lactation Counselor

Lactation Support Provider Descriptor Chart (USBC, June 2024)

High 5 for Mom & Baby online training – 15 1-hour modules, FREE, search “Kansas Breastfeeding Education” on K TRAIN

Physician Education and Training to Support Breastfeeding

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

ABM Education Center

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Podcasts

AAP Breastfeeding Resources for Health Professionals

Anatomy & Physiology of Lactation “Badge” course from Wichita State University

Breastfeeding Conferences

Breastfeeding Friendly Consortium

Breastfeeding Webinars (Free, one-hour videos. CEUs and CMEs not available.)

Breastfeeding | Human Medicine Interprofessional Education (IPE) – 3 hours of FREE education for physicians and others who care for families

Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute

EMPower Training Digital Tool – Comprehensive training materials to implement skills-based competency in maternity care and breastfeeding

Jones and Bartlett Learning

Lactation Support Provider Training Directory (USBC) 

Lactation Support Provider (LSP) Descriptors

Making it Work: Improving Worksite Support for Breastfeeding Mothers (School of Public Health, University of Albany)

Optimizing Support for Breastfeeding as Part of Obstetric Practice (School of Public Health, University of Albany)

Together for the Duration – 15 L-CERPs from Arizona Department of Health Services, AZ Health Zone, and the Arizona WIC Program)

Supporting and Promoting Breastfeeding, Chestfeeding, and Lactation in Health Care Settings  – four-part webinar series, on-demand viewing. Continuing medical education, nursing contact hours, health education contact hours, certified public health, and L-CERP continuing education credits are available at NO COST.

Using “Baby Behavior” to Support Informed Early Infant Feeding Decisions (School of Public Health, University of Albany)

Core Competencies in Breastfeeding Care and Services for All Health Professionals

Resources for Fathers & Siblings

Father-friendly principles for agencies and organizations in Alameda County

Daddy B.E.A.N.S. Mentoring Program

Building Blocks for Father Involvement

Grandparents’ Guide to Breastfeeding

Sedgwick County Fatherhood Program

Ten Ways Dads Can Help

2020 KBC Conference Recorded Session – Engaging Fathers to Support Breastfeeding (Wesley Bugg & Carl Route, ROBE)

24 Hr Cribside Assistance – A Site for Dads, By Dads

American Academy of Pediatrics – Message for Dads

American Academy of Pediatrics – Dad’s Role in Breastfeeding

American Academy of Pediatrics – Managing older siblings while breastfeeding

Baby GooRoo: Breastfeeding And Dad Video

Be a Star – Dads and breastfeeding

California WIC –  Help Dads to Support Moms and Breastfeeding

Family Education – Advantages of Breastfeeding to the Father and to Siblings

Healthy Start Pittsburgh: Fatherhood Program

Live Healthy Miami Gardens Fathers and Breastfeeding Event Video

Reaching Our Brothers Everywhere (videos by dads for dads)

Warm Chain of Support for Breastfeeding (WABA) (Spanish)

WIC Dear Dads Webpage

Liste de Recursos sobre Lactancia Materna en Español

Servicios de Apoyo Para la Lactancia en el Suroeste de Kansas

Artículos de Lactancia Materna en Español

FREE live, online classes in Spanish from Ready, Set, Baby 75-90 minutes, facilitated by lactation training students and staff at the Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute, and always have an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in the classroom. Ready, Set, Baby (Spanish)

Alimentación Infantil: Un Guía para Padres y Cuidadores

Alimentación saludable: Embarazo o amamantando

Alimentación saludable: Desde el nacimiento hasta los 2 años

Amamantar Tarjeta 911

Apoyo a la Lactancia Materna en el Entoro de Cuidado Infantil

Aspectos Básicos de la Lactancia Materna

Buenas Prácticas Sin y de Bajo Costo

La Cadena Efectiva de Apoyo de la lactancia materna – Padres

Colecho y lactancia

Cuidado fisiologico del lactante: Apoyando la lactancia, el sueno y el bienestar

Cuidamos Bebés Lactantes: Ejemplo de Póliza de Lactancia Materna en Entornos de Cuidado Infantil

Cuidamos Bebés Lactantes: Recursos de Ayuda para Proveedores de Cuidado Infantil y Familias Lactantes

Consejos de Alimentación Infantil

Consejos de Alimentación Para Los Bebés Amamantados (Feeding Tips)

Como Hablar con tu Jefe Acerca tu Extractor de Leche Materna

Pautas para Apoyar al Bebé Lactante en Situaciones de Emergencia Durante el Cuidado Infantil

Plan de Alimentación Infantil

Sus derechos en el trabajo durante COVID-19 Amamantamiento-y-lactancia

Salude Madre –  website to inform postpartum planning

If You Are Chest/Breastfeeding Cards (Spanish) – Infographic Card to Support Families During Emergencies (distribute through food pantries, shelters, etc.)

Breastfeeding Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer” in Spanish

Cleaning Your Breast Pump – Spanish

Etiqueta para extractor de leche

Consejos de Alimentación

Breastfeeding Welcome Here Toolkit (Spanish)

Carné Público de Lactancia

¡Conozca sus derechos de lactancia en Kansas!

Returning to Work:

Cuidado de los Niños:

WIC Breastfeeding Materials in Spanish

Lactation Education Resources Materials in Spanish

Lactation in Latino Communities: Identity and Traditions in Maternal Child Health (5/28/21) by Paulina Erices hosted by KS WIC

Facebook Groups:

Kansas – Lactancia Latina 

ASI Alimentación Segura Infantil

Breastfeeding Latinas

Latinas Breastfeeding Leaders

Latinas Breastfeeding Coalition

Pretty Mamas Breastfeeding LLC

Indigenous Peoples

Understanding breastfeeding in the Native American community

An Easy Guide to Breastfeeding for American Indian and Alaska Native Families

Instructional Videos / Webinars

Milk – The Food That Helped Evolve Humanity (Laurel Wilson)

Baby Gooroo – Finding help with breastfeeding

Baby Gooroo – How to tell if your breastfed baby has a good latch

Breastfeeding Materials – Paced Bottle Feeding

Breastfeeding Resource Center – Paced Bottle Feeding

Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition – Breastfeeding and Working

Dr. Jack Newman – Latch and breast compression

Hospital Staff Training from Maryland Dept. of Health

Medela – Every Drop Counts

Milk Mob – Paced bottle feeding

Milk Mob – Cup feeding

Milk Mob – Finger feeding

Mom and Baby Shop – How to Relieve Engorgement (Reverse Pressure Softening)

Stanford Medicine Newborn Nursery videos – First Hour, Early Initiation, Maximizing Milk, Latch, Hand Expression

Tethered Oral Tissue & Infant Oral Assessments (12/3/2019) – Slides

YouTube channels:


Nancy Morbacher

Global Health Media Project

Dr. Jack Newman

Tale of Two Births: Baby Friendly Rap

Insurance and Resources

Breast Pumps:

KanCare Breast Pump Coverage and Access (11/2021)

Breast Pump Insurance Coverage PPT SHenry June 2018

TRICARE breast pump coverage

For Parents: Insurance Coverage for Lactation Consults

TRICARE Childbirth and Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Benefits: Understanding Your Coverage Under the ACA

Toolkit: New Benefits for Breastfeeding Moms: Facts and Tools to Understand Your Coverage under the Health Care Law

For Healthcare Providers: Payment for Lactation Consults

KanCare (Kansas Medicaid) Coverage of Lactation Counseling (UPDATED Bulletin 18189, Oct. 2022)

KanCare Telehealth Lactation Counseling coverage (Bulletin 23042, Feb. 2023)

KanCare Lactation Consult Payment Rate (Oct. 2023)

AAFP Breastfeeding Codes for billing

Payer Policy Guidance: Innovative Approaches to Coverage Of Breastfeeding Support, Equipment, and Supplies (USBC, 2022)

Women’s Preventive Services Initiative 2021 Coding Guide: Breastfeeding Services and Supplies (pages 9-12)

AAP Federal Support for Breastfeeding – Breastfeeding Benefits

“Insurance Payment for Lactation Services”  – Susanne Madden, National Breastfeeding Center & Sunee Mickle, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, July 24, 2018

Insurance Payment for Lactation Services in the Practice Setting – Susanne Madden, June 9, 2020 (slides)

High 5 for Mom & Baby Webinar: Reimbursement for Lactation Services How Others Get it to Work

Model Payer Policy (codes and coverage)

High 5 for Mom & Baby Webinar: Reimbursement for Lactation Services How Others Get it to Work

Why Compensation Matters: Resources for Billing Codes, etc. (Michigan Breastfeeding Network, 2023)

Lactation Billing Manual

Marijuana, Other Illegal Drugs and Breastfeeding

Marijuana & Your Baby

Cannabis & Breastfeeding (Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett)

Marijuana & Breastfeeding (CDC)

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding (recorded presentation, Center for Public Health)

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding (handouts and reference material, Center for Public Health)

Substance Abuse and Breastfeeding (Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine)

Up in Smoke: The Potential Long-Term Impact of Cannabis Use During the Perinatal Period (Laurel Wilson)

What You Should Know About Using Cannabis, Including CBD, When Pregnant or Breastfeeding (FDA)

Organizational Statements on Cannabis and Perinatal Period

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine “At this time, although the data are not strong enough to recommend not breastfeeding with any marijuana use, we urge caution.”

Mental Health

General Information:

Breastfeeding, when going well, is protective of maternal & child mental health (Research articles here)

Local breastfeeding support can be found here

Breastfeeding is compatible with most medications – more information on medication selection here

Breastfeeding improves both the quantity and quality of maternal sleep – (research article here)

The Effects of Breastfeeding on Maternal Mental Health: A Systematic Review concludes that breastfeeding is associated with improved maternal mental health. However, difficulties experienced during breastfeeding can negatively impact the mental health outcomes of mothers. Personalized lactation support by clinicians may help reduce the risk of developing mental health problems.


Mental Health Benefits of Breastfeeding: A Literature Review

Breastfeeding Has Mental Health Benefits (1-page handout from Michigan Breastfeeding Network)

Breastfeeding and Mental Health Guidance Pocket Guide (3×5 | 8.5×11) (Michigan Breastfeeding Network)

Milk Donation and Sharing

Milk Depots in Kansas can be found HERE (scroll down to near the bottom for Kansas sites)

Donating or Obtaining Human Milk in Kansas (PDF) March 2023

Informal Milk Sharing Guidelines, ABM (PDF)

Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA)

Milk Donation and Sharing (La Leche League International)

Standards for Donor Human Milk Banking (HMBANA)

Breastfeeding Podcasts

All About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Medicine by the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

All Things Breastfeeding by The Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor

Listing of Podcasts

Position Statements and Policies

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Position Statement and Guideline: Infant Feeding and Lactation-Related Language and Gender

American Academy of Pediatrics: Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk (2022)

Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses Breastfeeding Position Statement

Baby-Friendly USA Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding

National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Position Statement on Breastfeeding

World Health Organization Breastfeeding

World Health Organization: Recommendations on Maternal and newborn care for a positive postnatal experience (2022)

Professional Organizations

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM)

American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM)

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)

American Dietetic Association

American Nurses Association

Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Doulas of North America (DONA)

Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA)

International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN)

International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE)

International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)

International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA)

La Leche League USA

La Leche League International

Lamaze International

National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practioners (NAPNAP)

National Black Nurses Association (NBNA)

National WIC Association (NWICA)

United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC)

United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA)

Wellstart International

World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA)

Pumping and Storage of Breast Milk

Choosing a Breast Pump

What to Know When Buying or Using a Breast Pump (FDA)

Buying and Renting a Breast Pump

Search for all FDA cleared breast pumps through Devices@FDA

MedWatch: The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program

Consumer Reports – Breast Pump Buying Guide

Using Your Breast Pump

COVID-19 Resources

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Baby

Video – Protect Yourself, Protect Your Baby

Informed Consent Form for Refusal of Separation from Newborn Infant

Neonatal management and outcomes during the COVID-19

COVID-19 response for maternal and newborn care

Covid19 FAQs for Pregnant Women and Infants – (Spanish)

FAQS Breastfeeding & Covid-19

AAFP Covid Breasting Policy

Outpatient Assessment and Management for Pregnant Women With Suspected or Confirmed Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Covid-19 Workplace Guidance

Covid Maternal and Infant Outcomes

Covid 19 Flowchart

Antibodies, Medications & Vaccinations

Maternal COVID vaccination and breastfeeding during a pandemic: Habitus and health behavior decision making: Public Health Nursing (June 2023)

Safety and Efficacy of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) mRNA Vaccines During Lactation (March 2023)

Comparing the SARS-CoV-2-specific antibody response in human milk after homologous and heterologous booster vaccinations

Milk antibody response after 3rd dose of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine and SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infection and implications for infant protection (BMJ, Dec. 2022)

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 IgA and IgG in human milk and breastfeeding infant stool 6 months after maternal COVID-19 vaccination (JP, Jan. 2023)

Increase in COVID Antibodies Following Booster Vaccinations (JHL, Nov. 2022)

COVID-19 Drugs and Breastfeeding Update (ABM, Nov. 2022)

Analysis of Vaccine Reactions After COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Doses Among Pregnant and Lactating Individuals (JAMA, Sept. 2022)

Detection of Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Human Breast Milk

Antibodies Against COVID in Human Milk After Vaccination (ABM, June 2022)

Comparing Human Milk Antibody Response After 4 Different Vaccines for COVID-19 (JAMA, March 2022)

COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding (Infant Risk Center)

Mindful Discussion about the COVID-19 Vaccine (video by & for Black and Brown people) (Uzazi Village, Oct. 2021)

Information about COVID-19 Vaccines for People who Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding (Centers for Disease Control)

Vaccines, pregnancy, menstruation, lactation, and fertility (World Health Organization, video)

Considerations for COVID-19 Vaccination in Lactation – Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

COVID-19 Vaccination and Pregnant and Lactating People – March of Dimes

COVID-19 vaccine response in pregnant and lactating women, Study – American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG)

Leaders in Women’s Health Encourage Health Workers to Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine: Vaccination is the Key to Preventing New Infections. (ACOG, AWHONN, SMFM, ACNM, ASRM, NPWH, SOGH)

Maternal and Child Outcomes Reported by Breastfeeding Women Following Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccination (ABM, Sept. 2021)

Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine Statement: SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination in Pregnancy Addresses breastfeeding

Milk Handling & Breastfeeding

Is it safe to provide milk for my NICU baby if I have or have been exposed to Covid 19? – (Spanish)

Statement on Pasteurized Donor Human Milk & COVID-19

Breast Milk Expression and Breast Milk Feeding for PUIs

Breastfeeding through Covid 19

Breastfeeding & Covid 19 Guidance

How to safely breastfeed if you have Covid 19

Covid-19 & Handling Expressed Human Milk

Breastfeeding and Covid-19, a guide for professionals


HMBANA Milk Handling Covid-19

Breastfeeding mothers with COVID-19

Breastfeeding during the COVID-19

Unicef UK: Maximizing Breastmilk & Supporting Re-lactation


IBLCE Advisory Opinion on Telehealth

Telehealth Resources and Tips

COVID-19 Telehealth Guidance

Safe Sleep and Breastfeeding

For Families

Bedsharing and Breastfeeding (English, ArabicChineseCroatian, German, HebrewJapanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian)

Physiologic Infant Care: Supporting Breastfeeding, Sleep, and Well-being (English, Spanish, Ukrainian)

Breastfeeding & Safe Sleep (NICHD)

Breastfeed Your Baby to Reduce the Risk of SIDS – short video

Safe Sleep for Your Baby – 10 min. video

Nighttime Parenting Plan Worksheet

Sleep & Breastfeeding (Canada)

Promoting Breastfeeding & Safe Sleep

Oregon Safe Sleep Communications Guide

Physiologic Infant Care Protocol

Special Considerations for the Child Care Setting

Safe Infant Sleep and Breastfeeding Support: What to Consider When Looking for Child Care 

Safe Sleep Infographic

Safe Sleep in Child-Care Settings: Recommendations for Reducing the Risk of Sudden Infant Death (FAQ)

For Those Who Support Families

Building on Campaigns with Conversations: An Individualized Approach to Helping Families Embrace Safe Sleep and Breastfeeding: Modules – learning modules support greater awareness of the importance of integrated breastfeeding and safe sleep behaviors, reinforce evidence-based policies and practices, and promote an empowering, problem-solving approach for families to adopt.

Supplements by role/provider for use with the Modules above

Guide for Perinatal Helpers

Guide for Safe Sleep Promoters

Guide for Home Visitors

Guide for Grassroots Organizations

Nighttime Parenting Plan Worksheet

Other Resources

Physiological Infant Care—Managing NighttimeBreastfeeding in Young Infants (ABM, 2023)

BASIS: Baby Sleep Info Source (UK webpage)

Bedsharing & Breastfeeding (ABM, 2020)

Breastfeed Your Baby to Reduce the Risk of SIDS – video

Downloadable Media (Safe to Sleep)

The Intersection of Breastfeeding & Safe Infant Sleep – webinar, 8/2020

Image Gallery (NICHQ)

Kansas Infant Death & SIDS (KIDS) Network – safe sleep instructorsphoto library

Myths V. Facts: Breastfeeding & Safe Sleep for Infants (NICHQ)

Safe Infant Sleep: Position Paper, International Childbirth Education Association

Sleep-Related Infant Deaths: Updated 2022 Recommendations for Reducing Infant Deaths in the Sleep Environment (AAP, 2022) (Technical Report)

Population-Based Survey Showing That Breastfed Babies Have a Lower Frequency of Risk Factors for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Than Nonbreastfed Babies. 2021 research study found a close relationship between breastfeeding and bed-sharing and a lower frequency of SIDS risk factors associated with both practices.

Community-based approaches to infant safe sleep and breastfeeding promotion: a qualitative study (BMC, 2023)

Equity in Breastfeeding

Racial Equity

Racism and the Colonial Roots of Gendered Language in Public Health and Biomedicine (USBC, Dr. Aunchalee Palmquist)

Advancing Black Community-level Leadership for Birth & Breastfeeding (BMBFA)

Achieving Breastfeeding Equity and Justice in Black Communities: Past, Present, and Future (Asiodu,

First Food: Women of Color Removing Barriers to Breastfeeding – video (HealthConnect One)

Saving the Lives of Moms & Babies: Addressing Racism and Socioeconomic Influencers of Health

Levels of Racism: A theoretic framework and a gardener’s tale

Setting the Standard for Holistic Care of and for Black Women

Voices of Black Mothers: The Baby-Friendly Experience

Removing Barriers to Breastfeeding

Cultural Humility versus Cultural Competence: A Critical Distinction in Defining Physician Training Outcomes in Multicultural Education

Decentering Whiteness

Implicit Bias Resource Guide

Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition Awards $4,000 Scholarships

SPEAK UP for Black Women

The Penumbra: The right decisions need the right voices

Why I SPEAK UP for racial equity in Breastfeeding Outcomes



If Racism is a Public Health Crisis, What Does That Mean for My Work? (Dr. Camara Jones)

Advancing Racial Equity

“Racial Equity 101” (webinars, USBC):
Securing Our Own Masks Before Helping Others
Decolonizing Breastfeeding Education
The Role of Leadership in Advancing Equity


Breastfeeding Medicine – Abstracts

African American Breastfeeding Peer Support: All Moms Empowered to Nurse

The Historical, Psychosocial, and Cultural Context of Breastfeeding in the African American Community

Breastfeeding Communities for Fatherhood: Laying the Groundwork for the Black Fatherhood, Brotherhood, and Manhood Movement

Breastfeeding Sisters that are Receiving Support: Community-Based Peer support Program Created for and by Women of Color

Black/African American Breastfeeding Experience: Cultural, Sociological, and Health Dimensions Through an Equity Lens

Structural Racism and Barriers to Breastfeeding on Chicagoland’s South Side

Disparities in Breastfeeding Among U.S. Black Mothers: Identification of Mechanisms

#EveryGenerationMatters: Intergenerational Perceptions of Infant Feeding Information and Communication Among African American Women

Racial Disparities in Sustaining Breastfeeding in a Baby-Friendly Designated Southeastern United States Hospital: An Opportunity to Investigate Systemic Racism

Geographic Equity

Percent of live births by initiation of breastfeeding by county of residence

Breastfeeding initiation (2022)

Health Disparities in Rural Women

Population Density Classifications in Kansas by County

LGBT Equity

Pride Month Social Media Toolkit – 2019

Lactation Care for LGBTQ Parents

Co-lactation Infant Feeding Plan

Cultural humility in care of individuals who are lgbtq

Gendered terms in childbirth

Glossary of LGBT Terms for Health Care Teams

Transgender men and lactation

For Child Care Providers


Paced Bottle Feeding

Child Care Supporting Breastfeeding Families (4-minutes)

How to Support Breastfeeding Mothers & Families: A Simple Guide for Child Care Providers

How to combine breastfeeding and a safe sleep environment to reduce the risk of SIDS

How to support breastfeeding in child care centers and family child care homes (from CACFP)


NEW Child Care Providers and Breastfeeding Support – 1-page promotional flyer for KS child care providers

Breastfeeding Support in the Child Care Setting”  – 2-page summary of what child care providers need to know to support breastfeeding families / Spanish Version (Español)

Supporting the Breastfed Infant During Emergencies in the Child Care Setting” –  prepare to support the breastfeeding infant during emergencies./ Spanish Version (Español)

Supporting Breastfeeding Families in ECE  (CDC)

Storage, Handling, and Preparing of Breastmilk in ECE (CDC)

Solid Foods in ECE  (CDC)

Continuity of Care (CoC) Toolkit –  tools to support communications with families seeking licensed child care enrollment.

Breastfeeding & Infant Feeding: No & Low-Cost Best Practices (NAPSACC)/ Spanish Version (Español)

“Creating a Breastfeeding Friendly Environment” Photographic Diagram

Breastfeeding Basics (NAPSACC)/Spanish Version (Español)

Breastfeeding Friendly Books & Toys

“Do this…Not This” Tips Sheet for Child Care Providers // Spanish Version (Español)

Resource List for Providers & FamiliesSpanish Version (Español)

Breastfed Babies Welcome Here!

Feeding Tips // Spanish Version

Infant Feeding Guide /Spanish Version (Español)

Infant Feeding Plan Spanish Version (Español)

“Breastfeeding” poster


Sample Breastfeeding Policy #1

Policy Sample #2Spanish Version (Español)

Sample Worksite Lactation Policy

Sample Policy, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Safe Sleep & Breastfeeding

Safe Sleep Infographic

Safe Sleep in Child-Care Settings: Recommendations for Reducing the Risk of Sudden Infant Death (FAQ)

Safe Infant Sleep and Breastfeeding Support: What to Consider When Looking for Child Care 

Breastfeeding and Safe Sleep 

Kids These Days Podcast: Q&A – Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition & the Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Provider Designation

Success Story: Promoting Healthy Practices in Early Care and Education through Breastfeeding Support in Kansas

Breastfeeding and Kansas Early Childhood Strategic Plan

Checklist: Early Childhood Systems Support for Breastfeeding

“Point in Time Data” – from Child Care Aware of KS, Point-In-Time Data Sheets by County with information about the status of child care supply and demand, includes information about the different types of child care available, rates for part-time and full-time care, census data, and other key data, to assist communities – including families, employers, and other community leaders –  across Kansas as they work to address critical child care shortages.