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Hello Friends of the KBC!

It is nice to be with you again.  I am grateful for the opportunity to communicate with you again. How are you? How was your February? I hope and trust it was a good one for you all.

February was a busy month around the KBC.  You can read all about it in the rest of the Milk Messenger and if you keep up with our social media. Psst … I am not on social media! 🙂 Anyway, one of the things the KBC Board is working on is starting on the journey towards being an anti-racist organization. Yes. That is as big a deal as it might sound to you.

Please note that I said the KBC Board is starting on this journey.  And we are excited.  We are in the process of deciding who will help guide us along the journey In the past two years, we have done some preparation work and now we are coming up on the real deal! We are excited about this work as it will move us towards living out our professed values. You know I will keep you posted.

Hey, last month I asked us all what we were willing to do to see the KBC achieve our mission to support breastfeeding today for a healthier Kansas tomorrow. Remember? I said my goal would be, each month, to support at least one family in exclusively feeding human milk to their baby/babies for at least 6 months.  I also said I would keep you posted.  

Well guess what? Goal achieved for January and February. I am happy to report that there are several exclusively breastfeeding families at the clinics I serve. More importantly, the wonderful people with whom I serve are the ones making all the difference in human milk-feeding families. I have the privilege of smiling – and looking pretty 🙂 – as I encourage and support my coworkers in their work with our families … one family at a time. Yippee! So, what are you doing? Are you making progress toward meeting your goals? I hope so.

Well, have a wonderful March! And Spring starts on March 19thwhich is the date of the Vernal Equinox! Another yippee! And did you know we are back on the moon! Imagine human milk-feeding on the moon or on the way to the moon! Whaat?!! I imagine I can ask an AI (Artificial Intelligence) program to make me a little movie about that and it would easily do it … but that is for a future letter from your KBC Chair! Fun times, eh?

Sincerely and gratefully,