October 17-18, Wichita

2024 Kansas Breastfeeding Conference


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Where Our Community Comes Together

Our annual breastfeeding conference in Kansas is a two-day event every October that’s one part celebration, one part education, and one part organizing. Here, we work together to build a world full of communities where breastfeeding is supported. Every year we look back on our progress and plan for the future.


The first day of our conference focuses on “hot topics” in lactation and provides clinical skills and breastfeeding knowledge for healthcare professionals and others who serve families. During the second day, we focus on building the capacity of local breastfeeding coalitions.

Featuring expert speakers, panel discussions, and opportunities to get involved in local breastfeeding advocacy, this event is a can’t-miss opportunity.

What Happens At The Conference



Continuing Education

The first day of our conference always focuses on “hot topics” in lactation to provide clinical skills and breastfeeding knowledge for healthcare professionals and others who serve families. There is a registration fee for Day 1 of the conference.

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Building Successful Communities

The second day of the conference focuses on the policies and systems needed to successfully create communities supporting breastfeeding. Registration for Day 2 will be FREE and all are welcome to attend.

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Celebrating Initiatives

We’ll discuss new programs, initiatives, and projects as well as celebrate successes from the prior year! The KBC annual meeting and State of Breastfeeding in Kansas presentations take place on the second day of our conference.


Who We Serve

For Families
For Lactation Support Providers
For Physicians
For Healthcare Providers
For Employers
For Childcare Providers

Past Event Speakers

  • Lydia Boyd
  • Lisa Marasco
  • Monica Esparaza

Get involved with the KBC year-round!

The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition is made up of individuals from various organizations, agencies, and private businesses collaborating to ensure that families thrive. We welcome and encourage participation from anyone interested in making breastfeeding and human milk feeding more accessible and equitable in Kansas through advocacy and leadership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to attend the KBC conference?

The first day of our conference is continuing education and has a registration fee. The second day of our conference is free to attend!

Who can attend the conference?

All are welcome to attend! We welcome anyone interested in supporting breastfeeding/human milk feeding in Kansas.

How do I register?

Registration typically opens in late summer. Getting on our mailing list ensures you’ll get notified when it opens. You can also register through our website as well after registration is open.

Get involved with the KBC

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