Breastfeeding Friendly Local Health Department

Local health departments play a vital role in supporting breastfeeding families in Kansas communities.

The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition and Wichita State University’s Community Engagement Institute, in partnership with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, recognize and celebrate local health departments that are leading the way in this work through the Breastfeeding Friendly Local Health Department designation.

Breastfeeding Friendly Local Health Departments:

  • Allen County Health Department
  • Barton County Health Department
  • Crawford County Health Department
  • Finney County Health Department
  • Ford County Health Department
  • Greeley County Health Department
  • Haskell County Health Department
  • Neosho County Health Department
  • Pawnee County Health Department
  • Pottawatomie County Health Department – NEW!
  • Riley County Health Department
  • Scott County Health Department
  • Sherman County Health Department
  • Smith County Health Department

To be considered for this designation, please complete the following short application. Local health departments must meet all criteria to receive the designation. To be eligible for this designation, local health departments must be listed in KDHE Local Health Department Directory.


PDF of Application (for planning purposes)

Resources to aid in achieving the designation (PDF)


Criteria #1: Community Engagement – One or more staff members from the LHD regularly attend the meetings of the local breastfeeding coalition.

  • Local Coalitions Directory
  • Definition of a local breastfeeding coalition:
    • Three (3) or more individuals who meet at least quarterly for the purpose of improving breastfeeding support in their community.
    • At least two (2) organizations or agencies participate in the coalition.
    • Has been meeting for at least six (6) months

Criteria #2: Referral System – The LHD has a written agreement or referral form with the hospital(s) where the majority of clients give birth to be notified within 1-2 days of when clients give birth.

Criteria #3: Staff Education – All staff who are more than 50% full-time have completed the required staff education (view 3-5 minute video) and signed a statement to that effect.

Criteria #4: Welcoming Environment for Breastfeeding Families – LHD :

  • Is enrolled in the Breastfeeding Welcome Here program and displays BWH window decal(s) and table tent(s) in client rooms and public spaces.
  • LHD provides a private space for parents who desire privacy when breastfeeding, chestfeeding, or expressing milk. (May be the same space used by breastfeeding employees who need to express milk during the workday.) Examples of private spaces for lactation
  • Images of breastfeeding/chestfeeding families are racially and ethnically diverse and are displayed in multiple public spaces in the LHD. The international symbol for breastfeeding should be used in place of infant bottles.
  • Infant formula or formula marketing materials are not displayed or stored in a place visible to the public or clients.

Criteria #5: Support of Breastfeeding Employees – LHD has received the Gold Level “Breastfeeding Employee Support Award” from the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition.

”Breastfeeding Employee Support Award” Application

Criteria #6: Prenatal Breastfeeding Education – LHD provides prenatal breastfeeding education or referrals to all families.

Criteria #7: Breastfeeding Support – LHD provides services or referrals for culturally congruent lactation support from a credentialed provider OR peer support person with required education.

Culturally congruent online support groups:

Staff education:

KS Population Demographics

To be eligible for this designation, local health departments must be listed in KDHE Local Health Department Directory

The Breastfeeding Friendly Local Health Department designation was developed by the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition in partnership with Wichita State University through the support of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment