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Pumping Basics:

Things to pack in breast pump bag:

  • Lanolin to soothe and help flanges seal
  • Spare set of breast flanges, tubing, valves, and membranes, just in case
  • Photo of your baby 
  • Recording of your baby fussing before nursing and/or feeding sounds on your phone
  • Clothing or blanket that your baby has worn, placed in a plastic bag. Open it up when ready to pump – smell & touch; place on shoulder.
  • Cell phone charger
  • Baby washcloth – use to wipe down pump parts, as a breast pad, or for a warm compress
  • Extra shirt
  • Breast pads
  • Light reading material
  • Baby socks (to cover bottles)

To get the milk flowing:

  • Hands-on pumping technique (video)
  • Warm pad/washcloth on breast
  • Lightly massage breasts before pumping, lean forward
  • Relax – read something light
  • Listen to sounds of your baby nursing or soothing music – using earbuds/headphones may block the sound of the pump and could reduce stress/anxiety
  • Smell and touch clothing or blanket worn by your baby
  • Baby socks to cover milk collection bottles (takes your focus off how much you are collecting)

DIY Hands-Free pumping bras:

Increasing your milk supply:

  • Breastfeed more often 
  • Pump more often – even a short 5-minute pumping session is better than not pumping at all
  • Check flange fit (video)
  • “Power Pumping” on days off work
  • Replace pump parts
  • Replace the pump if more than a year old or it was used when you received it.  The motor may be wearing out.
  • Your “Magic Number & Long-term Milk Production

There is little to no evidence of the effectiveness of teas, cookies, or other foods to increase your milk supply.  Drink to thirst.  While increasing your water intake will not have a significant increase in your milk supply, it will help you to feel better. If more help is needed, find a lactation support provider through the Kansas Local Resource Directory.

Breast pumps:

Finding breastfeeding help:

  • Kansas Local Resource Directory (enter city or zip code and resources are populated on a Google Map)
  • Breastfeeding Help Line: 1-800-994-9662 (English & Spanish) 8 am – 5 pm, Monday-Friday

Other Resources:

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