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Online Breastfeeding Education for Parents

This interactive, online resource allows expectant parents to plan for successful breastfeeding through a self-paced experience. It is an important resource when in-person classes may not be available. Created by the Connecticut Department of Public Health in partnership with the Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute.

Ready, Set, Baby


In-Person Prenatal Breastfeeding Class for Parents

The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition, in partnership with Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Bureau of Family Health (Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Program) has created a FREE two (2) hour class for parents.  The high-quality, highly visual, infant feeding class is available for FREE to anyone in Kansas and can be integrated into health departments, hospitals or community-based prenatal education classes.  It is an evidence-based curriculum designed to educate families in a prenatal class setting about safe and optimal infant feeding and aligns with WIC, High 5 for Mom and Baby, and the Kansas Infant Death and SIDS (KIDS) Network messages and education related to parenting and maternity care practices

The class curriculum addresses the following:

  • Establishing and maintaining sufficient and safe breast milk supply
  • Breast anatomy and physiology
  • Maternal diet and lifestyle choices (substance and alcohol)
  • Prescription and nonprescription medications
  • Infant stomach capacity
  • Baby behavior feeding cues
  • Breastmilk expression, both hand and pump
  • Safe handling and storage of breastmilk
  • Returning to work
  • Safe preparation of infant formula
  • Biologically appropriate bottle feeding (quantity and technique)
  • Local community breastfeeding resources

In Kansas? To access the class curriculum, including a PowerPoint presentation, speaker notes and class handouts, please submit a request to Brenda Bandy at with the following:

  • Organization who will be responsible for teaching the class, including location
  • Name(s) and credentials of individuals who will be teaching the class
  • Schedule of class offerings to include dates, times and locations
  • Estimation of the number of families who will take the class annually
  • The following statement:  “[Insert name of organization] agrees to use the breastfeeding class curriculum in its entirety without modifications.”

Outside of Kansas? Program materials and implementation assistance are available for a fee. Contact Brenda Bandy at for more information.

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