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Breastfeeding Support near YOU

Handouts on Breastfeeding Basics and Common Topics (Arabic, Chinese, English, Polish, Spanish, and Vietnamese, from Lactation Education Resources)

Know Your Rights” poster – outlining breastfeeding rights in Kansas


Myths v. Facts: Breastfeeding & Safe Sleep for Infants (NICHQ)

American Academy of Pediatrics

Ask Dr. Sears

Baby Led Weaning

Baby Gooroo

Biological Nurturing

Breast Milk Counts

Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding Basics (Canada)

Breastfeeding Fact Sheet (OWH)

Breastfeeding Made Simple

Breastfeeding Survival Guide for the First Two Weeks (LER)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC – What to Expect While Breastfeeding

CDC Vitamin D recommendation

Droplet (short videos on latch, positioning and hand expression in the early days)


Global Health Media,– instructional breastfeeding videos from latching and hand expression to nipple pain and engorgement, available in several languages 

Infant and Toddler Feeding Video Series, from 1,000 Days

The Institute for the Advancement of Breastfeeding and Lactation Education (IABLE)  – instructional videos showing paced bottle feeding, finger feeding and cup feeding are publicly available in English

Joint Commission – What you Need to Know About Breastfeeding

Kangaroo Care

Kansas WIC


La Leche League of Kansas

La Leche League International – Breastfeeding Info

Office on Women’s Health (OWH) – Helpline, Breastfeeding information, Your Guide to Breastfeeding

Online Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Resources

Poster – “Breastfeed”

Stanford Medicine Newborn Nursery Breastfeeding Resources

Swimming and Breastfeeding (English and Spanish version)

Thinking About Breastfeeding? Good for You and Your Baby! (K-State Extension)

Travel Recommendations for Nursing Families (CDC)

Traveling With Your Baby (WIC)

TSA Traveling with Breastmilk

Supporting Breast/Chestfeeding While Traveling

Your Guide to Breastfeeding (booklet from OWH)