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Breastfeeding is truly life-saving, especially during a pandemic. When a breastfeeding parent receives a COVID vaccine, not only do they receive protection from COVID, they pass along this protection to their breastfeeding child through antibodies in their breast milk. For more information, visit our COVID & Breastfeeding resource page. Find a COVID-19 vaccine near you.

This two-generational protection is at the core of the Protect Yourself, Protect You Baby campaign to increase COVID vaccination rates among the over 31,500 breastfeeding parents in Kansas each year. A statewide campaign will be created with trusted champions within the Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities to reach breastfeeding parents in their communities. Social media, image and video libraries, live stream events, and social messaging will be used to combat misinformation and address breastfeeding parents’ concerns about receiving a COVID vaccine. This “grassroots” to “grass-top” approach will ensure parents receive accurate information and are able to talk with trusted sources from a wide range of backgrounds, programs, and systems, to make an informed decision regarding the COVID vaccine.

Spanish Language – Dr. Jessica Calvo

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