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The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition is committed to addressing racial disparities in breastfeeding. With that goal in mind, the KBC strives to use an “equity lens” to inform and guide our external work and also an “equity mirror” to examine our internal structures, culture, and policies.

We invite you to join us on this journey. We have found the following resources to be helpful as we learn about racism at all its levels – systemic, institutional, and individual.

Want to discuss what you’re learning? Reach out to the KBC at info@ksbreastfeeding.org to connect with peers in Kansas who are eager to discuss and learn together.

KBC Statement in Solidarity with the Black Community

2021 Application for Aspiring Black, Indigenous, and Latinx Lactation Support Providers

KBC Awards $10,000 in Lactation Education Scholarship to People of Color in 2020.

Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth online training FREE evidence-based implicit bias program for perinatal providers

Intersection of Breastfeeding & Racial and Ethnic Equity:

Black Communities:

Black Breastfeeding Organizations:

Breastfeeding Resources for African-American Families on KBC website

Hispanic Communities:

Hispanic Breastfeeding Organizations:

Breastfeeding Resources for Hispanic Families

Native American Communities:

Native American Breastfeeding Organizations:

Breastfeeding Resources for Native American Families

Racial and Ethnic Equity:



The Irth App – A“Yelp-like” platform for the pregnancy and new motherhood journey, made by and for people of color. 

Articles/Blog posts/Reports:

Maternal & Infant Mortality:


Additional resource lists:

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