Support for Breastfeeding Employees and Students

On December 29, 2022, the following historical federal bills were signed into law.

  • PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act – Expands the legal right to receive pumping breaks and private space to nearly 9 million more workers, including teachers, registered nurses, farmworkers, and many others. Details (U.S. DOL Wage & Hour Division Resources)
  • Pregnant Workers Fairness Act – Gives pregnant and postpartum workers, including breastfeeding employees, a national right to reasonable workplace accommodations, including lactation accommodations. Details. (EEOC explainer)

Resources for Employees and their supporters:

Resources for Employers:

For Students:

For School Districts:

For Colleges & Universities:

Assistance during COVID-19 pandemic:

Visit the Kansas Business Case for Breastfeeding for more information and resources or contact Brenda Bandy at  or (785) 477-4666.

Outside of Kansas? Program materials and implementation assistance are available for a fee. Contact for more information.