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The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition works to promote and protect breastfeeding and human milk feeding to improve Kansas families’ health and well-being.

We are individuals from various organizations, agencies, and private businesses collaborating to ensure that families thrive. We welcome and encourage participation from anyone interested in making breastfeeding and human milk feeding more accessible and equitable in Kansas through advocacy and leadership.

Support breastfeeding today for a healthier Kansas tomorrow



80% of Kansas mothers

initiate breastfeeding. We want to see this number grow.




About 35,000 babies

are born in Kansas each year and each one deserves a full, healthy life.




6 months exclusively

to 2 years with other foods is how long it’s recommended that a child be breastfed.

Who We Serve

Lactation Support Providers
Healthcare Providers
Childcare Providers

How we’re improving the future of breastfeeding in Kansas, with you!

The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition was founded to support families in Kansas.

Through advocacy, leadership, and support of local community groups and coalitions, the KBC is the go-to resource for breastfeeding families in Kansas.

Breastfeeding Courses

The KBC provides continued learning opportunities for child care providers, healthcare workers, and clinical lactation consultants.

Child Care Courses

Child care providers are an integral part of supporting breastfeeding families, our courses cover the best ways to support parents.

Clinical Lactation Courses

We offer multiple methods and programs for clinical lactation professionals looking to get started or continue their education.


Online forums that cover current events and are great opportunities to ask questions and learn more about the state of breastfeeding both in Kansas and nationally.

Annual Conference

Our annual breastfeeding conference in Kansas is a two-day event every October that’s one part celebration, one part education, and one part organizing.

KBC Sections

Each of our sections meets regularly to discuss issues that impact breastfeeding families in Kansas including legal policy, accessible healthcare, and building communities that support breastfeeding.

Our Why

The KBC envisions a time to come in which breastfeeding is normal and supported throughout Kansas at all levels of society. Explore our initiatives:

Photo Source: U.S. Breastfeeding Committee

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