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Why local breastfeeding coalitions?

Local breastfeeding coalitions bring individuals and organizations together. They enable women, families, and community members to share ideas, break institutional and cultural barriers, and solve problems related to breastfeeding, in addition to empowering and educating the public. By working together, coalitions can conserve resources by reducing duplication and sharing expenses, foster cooperation between diverse sectors, and increase the credibility and often the impact of their efforts.

Starting a Local Breastfeeding Coalition

Interested in starting a local breastfeeding coalition but don’t know where to start? The KBC can help! The KBC can facilitate a local coalition “start-up” meeting. See agenda and invitation template for a coalition start-up meeting. Contact Brenda Bandy at bbandy@ksbreastfeeding.org for more information about scheduling a start-up meeting in your community.

Resources for starting a local coalition:

Sample Mission & Vision Statements:

Examples from KS Coalitions
Mission Statement Handout
Vision Statement Handout 

Sample Coalition Documents:

Breastfeeding Coalition of Douglas County
Ford County Breastfeeding Coalition Bylaws

Agenda Template
Chapter Meeting Template (NMBTF)
FCBC November Agenda
FCBC January Agenda

sheet
Chapter Meeting Sign-in Sheet (NMBFT)
Ford Co BF Coalition Roster

Photo Release
NMBTF Photo Release

Projects for Local Coalition:

KBC Programs and Activities

Recorded Presentation from Local Coalition Sections Meeting (7/8/2021) Jennie Toland, BSN, RN, CLC, Ford County Breastfeeding Coalition Executive Director

Recorded Sessions from 2020 Kansas Breastfeeding Conference:

Other resources:

Community Engagement Ideas:

Community Engagement Ideas – 2016 KBC Coalitions Conference
Community Engagement Strategies – 2014 KBC Coalitions Conference
Community Engagement and Meeting Overview Handout
Find local WIC agency contact person

Infographic Cards to Support Families During Emergencies (distribute through food pantries, shelters, etc.)
If You Are Chest/Breastfeeding Cards
If You Are Chest/Breastfeeding Cards (Spanish)

Tools for Local Coalitions:

Local Breastfeeding Coalitions in Kansas may use images in the KBC image library for their materials.  Please send requests, including descriptions of desired images, to info@ksbreastfeeding.org along with the name of your coalition. Additional images are available through the US Breastfeeding Committee Landscape of Breastfeeding Support Image Gallery

Needs Assessments:

Financial Forms & Information:

Social Media:

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