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Your story is important! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to ensure the needs of breastfeeding families are heard. Kansas is collecting families’ stories to identify challenges and bright spots that will shape a statewide strategic plan for early childhood (birth to age 5). Tell your breastfeeding story – times when you were “thriving” or barely “surviving”. Your personal story will help put breastfeeding on a statewide map of community needs. It should take only 10-15 minutes of your time. Please submit your breastfeeding experience by April 20th at  http://bit.ly/KBC_OurTomorrows

Here’s one example:
We tried for weeks to breastfeed our first son and finally quit because he wasn’t gaining enough weight. People gave me lots of advice but none of it seemed to work. Things were better with our second baby and we got lots of support from the hospital and WIC staff. Just having someone to call who knows about breastfeeding made all the difference!

Thank you in advance for sharing your breastfeeding story to help shape the future of support for families in Kansas. And please share his opportunity with others!