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Servicios de Apoyo Para la Lactancia en el Suroeste de Kansas

FREE live, online classes in Spanish from Ready, Set, Baby 75-90 minutes, facilitated by lactation training students and staff at the Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute, and always have an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in the classroom. Ready, Set, Baby (Spanish)

Alimentación saludable: Embarazo o amamantando

Alimentación saludable: Desde el nacimiento hasta los 2 años

Amamantar Tarjeta 911

Apoyo a la Lactancia Materna en el Entoro de Cuidado Infantil

Sus derechos en el trabajo durante COVID-19 Amamantamiento-y-lactancia

Salude Madre –  website to inform postpartum planning

If You Are Chest/Breastfeeding Cards (Spanish) – Infographic Card to Support Families During Emergencies (distribute through food pantries, shelters, etc.)

Breastfeeding Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer” in Spanish

Cleaning Your Breast Pump – Spanish

Etiqueta para extractor de leche

Consejos de Alimentación

Breastfeeding Welcome Here Toolkit (Spanish)

Carné Público de Lactancia

¡Conozca sus derechos de lactancia en Kansas!

Returning to Work:

Cuidado de los Niños:

WIC Breastfeeding Materials in Spanish

Lactation Education Resources Materials in Spanish

Lactation in Latino Communities: Identity and Traditions in Maternal Child Health (5/28/21) by Paulina Erices hosted by KS WIC

Facebook Groups:

Kansas – Lactancia Latina 

ASI Alimentación Segura Infantil

Breastfeeding Latinas

Latinas Breastfeeding Leaders

Latinas Breastfeeding Coalition

Pretty Mamas Breastfeeding LLC