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The Breastfeeding Welcome Here program continues to grow. Did you know that we began this campaign in May 2013? It is wonderful to see how many coalitions and breastfeeding advocates have come together across the state of Kansas to help expand this campaign in just 5 short years! There have been 49 new participants join since the first of 2018. Making our total number of participants 815 businesses & organizations. This program now stretches across 69 out of 105 Kansas counties. In the last year, we have been able to update our materials and create a sleek identity for our Breastfeeding Welcome Here program with corresponding window clings, staff education posters and table tents. We were also able to coordinate the production of a toolkit that can be used by local coalitions to help expand the project and create Breastfeeding Welcome Here establishments in your own locales. How wonderful it is for breastfeeding mothers to see participating businesses and feel comfortable when they are out and about in their hometown! Be sure to have all those in your area that may have contact with new or expecting moms mention the program so that new moms know to look for the sunflower window cling & be comfortable breastfeeding in public with their little ones. If your local coalition is looking to start the Breastfeeding Welcome Here campaign in your area, please be sure to look over the toolkit resource and explore the new look of the materials on our website at https://ksbreastfeeding.org/cause/breastfeeding-welcome-here/. If you or any business have any questions that can’t be answered through the FAQs on our website, be sure to contact the program manager, Julie Fields (juliefieldslc@gmail.com) or the executive director, Brenda Bandy (bbandy@ksbreastfeeding.org).