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01 May, 2024
2:45 am
Uzazi Village, 4232 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64110

Come learn about the state of breastfeeding in the Black community, how it impacts health outcomes and infant mortality rates and what we can do as a COMMUNITY-LED COALITION to promote and protect breastfeeding in our community. Our meetings will be held on Saturdays to accomodate community members or those most impacted by low breastfeeding rates. We invite those who are passionate about this issue to come learn from us about our communities and its needs. Uzazi Village is home to the metro’s only free walk-in Breastfeeding Clinic and the area’s only African-American IBCLC. This initial meeting will set our intentions and explore possible goals for the group. Our bi-state coalition will work to center the needs of Black and Brown families who have been historically underserved and ignored in the area of lactation support and who bear the burdens of health inequities as a result.