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The Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition, in partnership with the Institute for the Advancement of Breastfeeding & Lactation Education (IABLE), offers the following 1-day breastfeeding courses – Breastfeeding Basics and Beyond the Basics: Next Steps in Breastfeeding Knowledge and Skills. Anyone interested in supporting breastfeeding families is encouraged to attend.

Registration fee – $110 per course, which includes the following:

  • 6.25 nursing contact hours for the Breastfeeding Basics course and 6.5 nursing contact hours for the Beyond the Basics course as approved by the University of Kansas Health System, an accredited provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.
  • 6.5 (L) Continuing Education Recognition Points (CERPs) for each course for lactation support providers. Approval # CLT117-04.
  • 7.5 continuing education clock hours for each course for Kansas licensed dietitians. Long-Term Sponsorship number: D1382
  • IABLE & KBC memberships

Breastfeeding Basics:
Agenda & Content

Beyond the Basics: Next Steps in Breastfeeding Knowledge and Skills:
Agenda & Content

Location Dates(s) Course Registration and Details
Topeka Dec. 6 2019 Beyond the Basics https://lacted.org/topeka201912/
Kansas City Jan. 3 2020 Breastfeeding Basics https://lacted.org/kbc_kansascity202001/
Kansas City Jan. 4 2020 Beyond the Basics https://lacted.org/product/kansascity202001bb/
Emporia Feb. 7 2020 Breastfeeding Basics https://lacted.org/product/emporia202002/
Hutchinson March 4 2020 Breastfeeding Basics https://lacted.org/product/hutchinson202003/
Parsons April 16 2020 Breastfeeding Basics https://lacted.org/product/parsons202004/
Parsons April 17 2020 Beyond the Basics https://lacted.org/product/parsons202004/
Emporia June 5 2020 Beyond the Basics https://lacted.org/product/emporia202006/
Pratt Aug. 27 2020 Breastfeeding Basics https://lacted.org/product/pratt202008/
Pratt Aug. 28 2020 Beyond the Basics https://lacted.org/product/pratt202008bb/

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