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Need local breastfeeding help? Use our searchable Local Resources Directory to find help close to home.


The State of Breastfeeding in Kansas 2018 report has been created by the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition. This 4 page summary will assist you with community conversations. Our goal is to summarize the current breastfeeding rates as well as suggested actions for improving these rates.

View our spreadsheet summarizing Breastfeeding Support by Kansas County, a detailed database of information regarding breastfeeding support and breastfeeding rates by county.


“Feeding Tips” card (updated 4.2017)

KBC Resource Flyer  (4.2017) To connect families and providers to local breastfeeding support, download and share the attached “KS Resources” flyer which directs them to the KBC Local Resource Directory where they can find local breastfeeding help.

Our goal is to provide quality, helpful resources to families, advocates and health care professionals. This resource page is part of that effort. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for websites, articles or resources or if you find a broken link. Contact us.

KBC work focuses on statewide breastfeeding issues, and cannot answer individual questions about breastfeeding or provide medical or legal advice. Please contact your local health care providers and community resources with these questions. The National Breastfeeding Helpline has trained breastfeeding peer counselors to provide support by phone in English or Spanish.

Website links are provided for your convenience and are not endorsed by the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition, Inc.

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African American Families


Breastfeeding Data


Breastfeeding: Special Concerns


Breastfeeding during Emergencies & Disasters


Education for Healthcare Professionals


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